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Fri 30 Jan 2009

The Local Authority, Solihull SACRE, Solihull Building Bridges Islamic Initiative Project and the Muslim Council of Britain in partnership have launched “Books for Schools” project on 30th January 2009 in Solihull.


The “Books for Schools” project has provided 71 mainstream primary schools with high-quality Islamic resources boxes worth £250 each that was half funded by Building Bridges Group. Each box contained books, custom made teacher notes, pupil activities, worksheets, CD, DVD and accompanying teaching aids. The project aimed to promote harmony and respect amongst Britain's diverse communities.


These resources are designed to facilitate the teaching of Islam within the Schools Curriculum as outlined by QCA guidelines. The resource box contains Muslim artefacts as well as books, lesson ideas, music and videos. These will support the delivery of Islam which is subscribed in the agreed syllabus for RE and in the RE handbooks.


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